BOOK: Red Sauce Brown Sauce by Felicity Cloake


Book: Red Sauce, Brown Sauce

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Red Sauce Brown Sauce by Felicity Cloake

Saturday 22nd October 10am at Dartmouth Yacht Club

This book can be pre-bought at a reduced cost here and picked up at the event. Our thanks to Browser Books for their assistance in this.

We are working with Browser, our local independent bookshop who have kindly offered a 5% discount on the RRP.

The charming and joyful follow-up book from ‘the nation’s taster in chief,’ Felicity Cloake.

If there’s one thing that truly unites this country from Aberdeen to Abernethy, St Ives to St Pancras, it’s an obsession with breakfast. We all have an opinion on the merits of brown sauce versus ketchup on our morning sandwich. No other country’s culinary identity is so bound up with breakfast – the French may love their croissants, the Chinese their congee, but they’re rarely held up as national symbols in the same way as a Full English, an Ulster fry or a bowl of porridge. A good breakfast is our birth right, eaten with as much relish in the Wolsey on Piccadilly as in Terry’s Caff in Borough.


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