The world and especially its oceans are being filled with plastics in every shape and form. A piece of plastic will be with us for at least 500 years before it completely degrades. Recycling does help with saving manufacturing resources but it still leaves us with a piece of plastic! Plastics are rapidly filling the landfill sites that still remain available. Every plastic item that ends up in the water around the world risks marine life in so many ways and there is now plenty of proof to suggest that it is finding its way into our food chain with potentially serious consequences.

The Dartmouth Food Festival takes place on the banks of the River Dart, which flows into one of the busiest waterways of the world and we are trying to play our part in tackling the growing environmental crisis caused by unwanted plastics. The Festival is, and has always been, committed to responsible food sourcing, reducing food miles and maintaining welfare standards. This year, we are striving still further to increase our sustainability and beginning the journey to becoming a small part of the solution and not a bigger part of the problem.

This year with your help, the Festival will be reducing use of single use plastics and moving towards 100% use of compostable cutlery, cups, plates and packaging. This will allow us to dispose of the inevitable food waste together with what we eat it with and from, in a greener way!

So we have created a new plastics policy to help us achieve our aim of becoming plastic free in the coming years. These may be small steps initially but we need everyone’s help to achieve a positive change.

Please note, we always welcome feedback on what we are doing and how it affects you, as well as new ideas.

Read our Plastics Policy HERE