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Food Matters: science, diet and everything

Food Matters: science, diet and everything is the name of our unique Food Festival programme on contemporary food issues.

A series of conversations between experts from the spectrum of food production, preparation and promotion. Sustainability will be our central theme but we will also explore survival and innovation during the Covid lockdown, its possible long term effects on the food industry and even shine light on the science of human nutrition.

With audience participation very much encouraged we aim to provide an entertaining and friendly exchange of ideas and discussion because, well, Food Matters!

The format is primarily a conversation between a host and 2-3 experts for 20 mins followed by an opportunity for the audience to be involved in the discussions. Food Matters is a unique part of our Food Festival.

In the spirit of sharing knowledge and public debate we make no charge for entry but need to ask for donations to cover our costs. Please give generously.

Seats cannot be booked so come early to secure a place. Entry will be allowed from 10 mins before the start of a new session. There will be around 20 standing places.

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