Exhibitor Application Form 2023

Friday, 20th October to Sunday, 22nd October

As you may already know, we don’t work on a first come first served basis for pitch allocation. Once you have completed your online application, we will review applications at the end of March and at the end of April.

We recognise that you have a business to run and decisions to take so we will do our very best to communicate with all applicants in early May. Please refer to our contact details if you have any concerns

Please CLICK HERE to refer to the Terms & Conditions for information on pitches, description of locations and, if you are successful in securing a pitch, we will be ask you to provide further documentation in support of your application.

You will be required to agree & adhere to the Dartmouth Food Festival’s Plastic Policy which you will find by CLICKING HERE.  Please refer to section 5 in particular as we will NOT allow any plastic sample spoons, cocktail sticks or spirit sample pots and we WILL vigorously police this area of policy.  Please check the box below to agree to this.

If you have any issues or difficulties with this online form please email  exhibitors@dartmouthfoodfestival.com or  office@dartmouthfoodfestival.com.

Application Form