Food Matters : Life, Science, Diet : Everything.

Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 October in the Food Matters Tent, Royal Ave Gardens, Dartmouth.

Food Matters returns for another year of lively conversation between experts from food production to its subsequent preparation, promotion and consumption. Despite difficulties with the food chain and rising costs, there remains much to celebrate, explore and debate. Sustainability inevitably remains our central theme. In the light of the environmental consequences of modern farming, there is general agreement that the world needs to change how food is grown, or reared, and to adapt the food we eat for the health of nature as well as our own health. The importance of the microbes that live in our digestive tract (the microbiome) to human health is much debated and personalised dietary advice is now commercially available. Meanwhile the catering industry faces major problems . First hit by the Covid pandemic it now faces higher food prices, a skills shortage and financial uncertainty with the cost of living crisis. It is important therefore to celebrate innovation by local people such as in our session on Aquaculture and our finale presentation on Wine & Cider production.

With audience participation encouraged, we aim to entertain you with a friendly exchange of ideas and discussions because, well, Food Matters!

The format remains a series of conversations between a host and 2 or 3 experts followed by a discussion with the audience. Please come ready to join in. Food Matters is a unique part of our Food Festival. In a spirit of sharing knowledge and public debate we make no charge for entry but we do need to cover our costs. Please donate as you feel able.

Programme organisers Craig Davidson, Harriet Cherry and Paul McNabb

Seats cannot be booked (around 60) so come early to secure a place. Entry will be allowed from 10 mins before the start of a new session. There will be some standing places available behind the seating for latecomers.






Saturday 21st October 14.00 – 15.00 Food Matters Tent, Royal Avenue Gardens, Mayor’s Ave, Dartmouth, Devon. TQ6 9YY FREE

Might Aquaculture be one answer to the problems of the Food Chain?

Amanda Keetley (Devon Environment Foundation) talks to Sarah Holmyard (Offshore Shellfish, Brixham), Greg Clifford (Marine Farm Services) and Angela Mead (Biomealgae, Totnes)