Every year, Dartmouth Food Festival takes place.  We seek to minimise food waste wherever possible by collecting leftovers from the various events, workshops and stalls, and turning them into a light community lunch on the following Monday.  

This year the lunch was at the Guildhall, First floor Ballroom on Monday 23 October  (many thanks to Dartmouth Town Council for allowing us us to use this space without cost).

The menu depended on what we was given.  It was served buffet-style again this year (but served by our own volunteers)  Our volunteers were on hand to explain what’s in the dishes, and to help anyone who needs a bit of table service or support using the lift/stairs to the first floor.

Our aim was not to waste a thing… so if there were items we couldn’t use for any reason, we laid them out on a separate table for people to take away.

If anyone was very time-pressed but wanted to come along, then we encouraged them to bring a container to fill, take away and eat.

Joanna Gaukroger, Event Organiser