Dartmouth Food Festival – Curry Feast @ Home – The Results!

The Curry Feast @ Home was a complete success and a total sell out! 

Ankur Biswas, founder of Namoh Curry Saucewrites:

“It really went very well. We usually do 10-14 meals as we like to keep it small and special. But this time we tested ourselves and spread our wings and all together we did 65! We were overwhelmed.”

“Lots of the orders were from Dartmouth, a few from Strete and a number from Stoke Fleming and Blackawton.  Preparation  started earlier in the week with organising the spices and roasting them. We made the chutney well in advance to extract more flavour. We also made a schedule for buying and preparation. We asked Julian from Saveurs for fridge space and he kindly offered us in his unit.”

Ankur goes on to say: “Delivery was a little tricky as it was all spread over the local area but enjoyed some lovely views along the way . We started delivering 4pm and our last delivery was at 8.10pm in Blackawton. We finished off our evening by treating ourselves with Pizza from Saveurs

“We Instantly received lot of good feedback and amazing commens which was a huge relief! More compliments poured in later leading to more repeat orders.  We are really pleased to have received £20 as a donation towards vital fund raising for the Food Festival and we will donate £65 ourselves making a total donation of £85.”

“Our meals are available locally, anyone can like and join our Facebook page @namohcurrysauce and Namoh meals – pure vegetarian for local foodies. We do different menus on weekly basis. Our award winning sauces can be ordered from our website or locally from Simon at Peppers World Foods under the Butterwalk, Dartmouth, from Stokeley Farm Shopfrom West Country Fruit Sales and GR Fine food.”

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