Dartmouth Food Festival 20th Anniversary Book

Next year (2024) will be the 20th anniversary of the Festival, which, we believe, makes us the 3rd longest running festival of its kind.

Despite starting off small, we are now one of the most prestigious food festivals in the South West welcoming about 20,000 visitors each October. Described as a first class feast of entertainment we offer workshops, seminars, tastings, food debates, book talks, signings and demonstrations. Enticing top chefs, food writers, wine experts and educators from all over the country, the Festival also showcases and promotes over 100 of the region’s top class producers.

The book will chronicle the history of Dartmouth Food Festival and record the stories of the people, products and places that make it so unique.

A compilation of recipes, tales, debates and images collected over the past twenty years will provide a flavour of the Festival and take the reader on a journey around Dartmouth and the land and seascapes that surround us.

We’re still collecting donations

On the 30th October 2023 we’d raised £7,420 with 133 supporters in 35 days. But as every pound matters, we’re continuing to collect donations from supporters.

New target!

With the extra money raised we will be able to:

print extra books

donate books to local libraries, charities, schools, community groups etc

fund food-based community projects

What many people don’t realise is:

  • the team that pulls all this together are VOLUNTEERS
  • the Festival plus many of its events are FREE to enter


The book will be a compilation of recipes, tales, debates and images collected over the past twenty years, and will provide a flavour of the Festival and take the reader on a journey around Dartmouth and the land and seascapes that surround us.

The book will be dedicated to our founding Patron Joyce Molyneux, who sadly passed away last year. Without Joyce we doubt whether Dartmouth would be the culinary hotspot it is today.


The book will contain 55-60 recipes in total. These will be provided by a selection of chefs, food writers, wine experts, local restaurants, cafes and community groups, all of whom have been instrumental in making the Festival the success it is today. They will include:

  • popular dishes cooked at the Festival throughout the years
  • traditional Devon fare
  • a range of South West produce and ingredients
  • a wide variety of meat, fish, veggie, pudding and cocktail recipes

Perhaps more importantly the recipes will be easy for you to do at home, as we believe, like the Festival itself, the book should be easily accessible to all.


Because the Dartmouth Food Festival is a not-for-profit event run by volunteers we don’t have a huge amount of spare cash to produce a book of this quality. Although a lot of the work is being done free of charge by a small organising team we need money for:

  • professional photographer and designer
  • publishing services
  • printing the book

If we exceed our target we will be able to print more copies and donate them to local libraries, charities, schools, community groups etc. We will also fund food-related projects in local schools

“Everything that is great about British cooking, growing, harvesting, catching, eating, and drinking is represented here for the four wonderful days of the Dartmouth Food festival every October. It is a festival that is loved by locals and visitors alike and is now a landmark event in the culinary calendar. It is a party atmosphere from start to finish and is held on the banks of the beautiful River Dart which was voted the second most desirable coastal location in the UK in a recent national poll. I absolutely love it and love being part of it, and this book will just be the icing on the cake” Mitch Tonks, Festival Patron and Restaurateur.

“I’ve been to dozens of food festivals, but there’s none quite like Dartmouth. The bustling atmosphere and gorgeous harbourside setting act as a magnet for all that’s best about the South West food scene, and how better to celebrate it than a beautiful book?”  Orlando Murrin, President of the Guild of Food Writers

You will be able to purchase the book in one of these places after publication in October 2024:

  • at our Festival (October 25th – 27th, 2024)
  • via our website www.dartmouthfoodfestival.com
  • in Dartmouth independent bookshops
  • in a selection of Dartmouth shops

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