Headline Sponsor. 

Greenergy are the largest supplier of petrol and diesel in the country, supplying fuel to every one in three cars in Britain.

They don’t own any oil refineries, but do import fuel products on ships into terminals around the country – the closest being at Plymouth.  They also blend their own petrol, manufacture high-quality biodiesel from waste cooking oils and have an in-house haulage operation to deliver fuel to petrol stations and other customer sites.    

Although Greenergy are a big business, you probably haven’t heard of them.  We operate behind the scenes as a wholesaler supplier delivering fuel to supermarkets, oil companies and independently owned petrol stations.  They don’t own any petrol stations and you won’t see their brand on any forecourts, but if you are filling up your car anywhere in the South of England, there is a strong chance the fuel has come from them.

 “We are a big company with an entrepreneurial spirit, so are delighted to support this exciting event that promotes local talent and engages the community in a unique way.”