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Joyce Molyneux

Joyce Molyneux is a much loved life long patron of the Dartmouth Food Festival.An amazing unstoppable character best described by Prue Leith "If anyone was born to cook, my God, Joyce Molyneux was.

Honorary Festival Patron

Joyce Molyneux is a legend among cooks, restaurateurs and foodies. Her first cookbook sold fifty thousand copies; her restaurant, the Carved Angel in Dartmouth, which she owned and cooked in for twenty years until she retired in 1999, had a world-wide reputation, and she was one of the first women in the UK to receive a Michelin star. She spawned shoals of good cooks who went on to be culinary stars, and her food delights today as it did fifty years ago. She is the winner of the coveted lifetime achievement award in the 2017 Observer Food Magazine Awards.

Now in her 80's, recently interviewed by Jay Rayner for The Guardian as part of their 'Seven Ages of a Chef' series she gives the best advice to young cooks, "just enjoy yourself, the food, the cooking and the company". So with this very much in mind, we are very proud to have Joyce as our Honorary Patron to the Dartmouth Food Festival.