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Save The Date!

We have a fantastic range of Pop Up Fundraising events, from a Chilli Cook-off & Food Festival Feast to a Dart The Dart running event which helps to raise vital funds for our amazing Food Festival each year.  Check out the events listed below and save the date in your diary!


Dart The Dart Run

 (Saturday, 16th May 2020)

A fun filled foodie run along the banks of the River Dart from Totnes to Dartmouth.

Along the way up to 400 runners will sample various culinary delights and take on board liquid refreshments at a host of different venues, all whilst wearing fancy dress.

This run is designed to be for fun and and to raise vital funds for the Dartmouth Food Festival 2020.  It is most certainly not a race.  The distance is around 13miles or so and will be tough in places but the views and scenery will be spectacular and the camaraderie and support will make it all worth it!!



The Dartmouth Food Festival

(Friday, 23rd October to Sunday, 25th October 2020)

Following another fabulous Food Festival, with lots of delicious food and drink and plenty of smiles and laughter, we'd like to welcome you back when we do it all again next year!

Make it a Date!