Tasty News

Our 2018 Big Appeal Raises £1,600!

For a long time, Dartmouth Academy has wanted to purchase a dishwasher and the £1,600 raised by our Big Appeal has enabled this. The funds also brought the students their own chef jackets, a knife sharpener and a presentation trolley.

This purchase has made a huge and positive difference to the practical cooking lessons at Dartmouth Academy. It frees up more time to work with the students and helps to bring the focus of lessons more onto cooking and less about the clearing away. 

The 2018 Dartmouth Food Festival Big Appeal chose the Academy as it’s beneficiary this year.

Festival chair, Sheila Shribman said: “The annual fundraising appeal will enable festival-goers to learn about the local causes supported by the Festival and, of course, we hope people will be inspired to donate so that together we can make an even bigger difference within our community.”

Sheila Shribman added: “We are very pleased to be supporting Dartmouth Academy this year and I hope festival-goers will be as excited as we are by the potential for future appeals to help our local community. 

Dartmouth Academy Principal, Tina Graham said: “Dartmouth Academy is excited to be the beneficiary of the Dartmouth Food Festival’s first annual appeal.

“It is an exceptional opportunity for us to broaden the range of curriculum we cover, raise aspirations and encourage more pupils to consider a career in hospitality.”