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Farming as it used to be

We asked Peter Greig of Pipers Farm about his foodie life.

With farming in his blood, Peter followed his dream to be a hands-on livestock farmer. 26 years ago Pipers Farm was established just north of Exeter on 50 acres of rich Devon soil. With a philosophy that works in harmony with nature, Peter and his family raise healthy animals with a strong natural immunity, grass-fed and raised with minimum stress. The result is wholesome, tasty meat produced from a beautiful farm where the 400 year old hedgerows are up to 3 metres wide. It is farming as it used to be.

My Foodie Life in Devon

Q. How long have you lived in Devon?     

26 years 

Q. If you had to choose a ‘last supper’, what would it be? 

Brixham Scallops cooked in their shells with garlic butter. Pipers Farm oak-smoked Pancetta and Devon Asparagus both seared on the firepit. Served with a glass of sparkling white from Camel Valley.

Q. What is your favourite thing to do in Dartmouth? 

The first thing I do when I head to Dartmouth is pop into Saveurs and pick up a selection of their delicious pastries, they are possibly the best in the West!

After all that sugar, a beautiful coastal walk is a must, whilst not strictly Dartmouth, we love an evening walk on the beach at Slapton Sands, or staying closer to the town, a stroll along the harbour. Followed by fish and chips from RockFish, eaten in their paper, with our feet dangling over the edge of the embankment.

Q. Who is your foodie hero/heroine? 

Guy Watson, he is an incredible inspirational guy, with a common sense approach to food and farming.

Q. How big is the biggest fish you’ve caught?

4lb Dover Sole off the beach in Thanet, Kent

Q. We all know we should eat sustainably, with that in mind what is your favourite seasonal dish for October? 

You cannot beat an Apple crumble with Ashclyst double cream on a blustery cold day. We are so lucky at the farm to have a small orchard. The apples are simply fantastic at this time of year and need little input to make a wonderful hearty meal. My wife Henri, is renowned for her delicious apple crumble.

Q. Some very important questions: chips or mash? 


Q. Do you mushy pea? 

Yes, definitely

Q. Tartar sauce or Ketchup? 


Q. What are you looking forward to most at the Dartmouth Food Festival this year? 

Dartmouth Food Festival has such a wonderful atmosphere. It truly is a special place, where people come from far and wide to discover really good food. For us we love sharing our passion with so many like-minded people and hopefully inspiring confidence in them to try different cuts of meat at home.

My favorite part of the festival has to be the dynamic and sometimes controversial ‘Eat your words’ seminars. Watching some of the best chefs, producers and food writers share their enthusiastic views on stage is what makes this festival so real and unique.