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Curious Foods

Curious Foods


Curious Foods crafts unique salamis and air-dried meats, blending traditional skills with a creative approach to flavour. Using the best British free-range pork and bucket loads of passion, the salami and air-dried meats are of the highest quality and different in flavor to anything else around. The specialist salami ranges from Fennel, Cumin & Garlic and Spicy ‘Harizo’ to the more unusual ‘Umami’ Salami and Beetroot, Quinoa & Caraway. New, limited-edition flavours appear regularly too and special commissions undertaken.


Contact details:

Phone: 07825 770599

Website: www.curiousfoods.co.uk

Email: mat@curiousfoods.co.uk

Twitter: @kyooreeuhsfoods

Facebook: @curiousfoods 

Instagram: curious_foods