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Tim McLaughlin Green

The philosophy for Sommelier's Choice is and always will be to 'handpick' boutique wineries producing wines of excellent, consistent quality. The pleasure comes from bringing like minded people together to share thoughts and experiences and the love of wine whilst hopefully going away with memories of wine tasted.

Back in 1987, after a conversation with Anton Mosimann, Anton asked Tim to be his wine waiter at Mosimann's and Tim simply said yes. This decision certainly changed Tim's life he moved on from Mosimann's to join Simon Hopkinson at Bibendum Restaurant in 1990 until 1995.  He had the opportunity to work with Matthew Jukes at Bibendum Restaurant during those five years which prepared him for his future in the wine trade. 

In 1995 Tim joined Alain Ducasse at Monte's on Sloane Street, which was Tim's opportunity to work in a club once again establishing a wine list with the classics from the Old World. Then in 1998 Tim opened Che Restaurant & Bar with a great team put together by Hani Farsi. During this time he kept fueling his dream to one day own his own business, and Sommelier's Choice was started in 1999 after a trip to Italy.

Sommelier's Choice is a faith based business and the owners support a number of children around the World through Compassion. Sommelier's Choice also supports Action Against Hunger with an annual dinner at Hawksmoor.