Shane Holland

Shane Holland is Executive Chairman of Slow Food in the UK, the leading Food NGO which campaigns for Good, Clean & Fair food all. 

Shane is also Chairman of Plan Zheroes, the platform which connects surplus food with those in need. Within the third sector his work has specialised in regards to our most vulnerable citizens, their issues of food poverty & food skills, education, offending, and access to service.

He is a governor of a special School which has food education, growing, and food enterprise as an integral part of its curriculum; Chairs the London Special Governors Association; and is a Trustee of Prisoners Penfriend.

He frequently sits on expert panels, guest lectures at a number of universities, and caries out dozens of speaking engagements a year - particularly about Protected Food Names and the impact of Brexit on food and agriculture. He is a well known bon viveur and after dinner speaker, and returns to Dartmouth each year often to be found hosting tasting events