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Peter Grieg

Peter Grieg began by working for his father in an industrial Chicken unit. Along with Henri, when their two children were born, they wanted to change the direction of the way that they were producing food. After a spell of sheep farming in the Yorkshire Dales, they both headed down to Devon and so began Pipers Farm.

Every piece of beef and lamb that they sell is 100% grass fed for life which is made possible because they only farm native British breeds; suffolk lambs and traditional Devon Ruby cattle. They exclusively breed and rear all the livestock they butcher, and therefore have total control of the process.

Peter travelled to continental Europe in order to witness the very different butchery methods employed there, and returned to the farm and taught himself to butcher. With the prime focus being to produce fantastic tasting and textured meat - a process of trial and improvement ensued (with a frying pan as an aid!) and today Peter has the full benefit of everything that he learnt during that period. He is always happy to share his experience and offer advice!