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Orlando Murrin

"I’ve been to dozens and dozens of food festivals, on islands, up mountains, underwater (I made that last one up) but there is none as delightful and picturesque as Dartmouth. The harbour setting - stalls draped along the waterfront - is beautiful and unusual, and gives the festival a unique atmosphere. I also think it is the friendliest festival, with festival goers in a really good mood"

Orlando Murrin is a popular food writer and editor, best known as the editor of BBC Good Food for six years, the launch editor of Olive magazine and the author of five cookbooks.

He began his journalistic career as classical music sub-editor at Radio Times, but his interests led him into a variety of home and lifestyle magazines and he worked his way up through Living Magazine, Country Homes and Interiors, and Cosmopolitan before becoming editor of Woman and Home in 1995 and oversaw a massive revamp of the magazine. 

He has written on practically every subject – celebrities, gardening, travel, emotional advice, home design, health.
He spent two years as a copywriter at Grey Advertising, specialising in direct marketing before returning to journalism.

Between 1997-2004 he was editor of Britain’s biggest selling food magazine, BBC Good Food. He was Chairman of the British Society of Magazine Editors in 2003, and in 2004 launched the award-winning Olive magazine.

His culinary career was fast-tracked when he won through to the semi-finals of Masterchef (in the Loyd Grossman era). He wrote a daily recipe column for the Express newspaper for five years and made frequent appearances at the Good Food Show. In 2004 he took off to SW France to open an award-winning gastronomic maison d’hotes: A Table In the Tarn (Harper Collins) tells the story of the adventure.

Now living in Exeter he divides himself between writing a monthly recipe column for BBC Good Food (on the theme of ‘Ridiculously easy’ and writing a biography of Romanian pianist Dinu Lipatti.