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Oliver Cowmead

"We are passionate about spreading the simple ways everyone can use to find health, happiness and deep healing in their lives."

Oliver began studying Oriental medicine, shiatsu massage therapy, and the macrobiotic approach to health and wellbeing at the age of 24 back in 1980. He found this study fascinating, as it explained so much of what happens to our health, and offered practical ways of cooking, eating and living to stay healthy, and also to heal many diseases.

After studying in the UK, Europe and the USA Oliver moved to the south west of England in 1984, where he has taught thousands of people how find greater physical and emotional health and healing. He also given personal dietary and lifestyle consultations for particular health problems to many people over the last 35 years.

Oliver now runs a healthy eating plant based cookery school near Harbertonford in south Devon, and a range of educational courses enabling people to strengthen their health, prevent many illnesses, and live a full energetic life.