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Naomi Devlin

Naomi Devlin is a food writer, teacher and nutritionist, based in beautiful West Dorset. She teaches courses on gluten free cookery, nutrition and gut health at River Cottage, Borough Market, Otter Farm, Ashburton Cookery School and Divertimenti. 

Growing up in a commune in rural Dorset, Naomi learnt to milk cows, grow veg, and eat with the seasons. After a few years working as a costume designer in London she wanted to get back to her roots and retrained in nutrition. A coeliac diagnosis started her journey into the fascinating world of free-from food as she tried to recapture the flavour and diversity of the food of her youth she looked around the world for inspiration from foods were inherently gluten free. There she found the flavour and excitement that she was looking for, and hasn’t looked back since.

2016 saw the publication of bestseller, River Cottage Gluten Free, that celebrates her flavoursome approach to free from food. Naomi’s next book, Food for a Happy Gut takes the foodie approach to gut health with recipes that focus on delicious additions to your diet rather than suggesting what to cut out. Whatever she’s cooking, the focus is always on satisfying, colourful food, that feels comfortingly familiar, yet intriguingly different.