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Dr Clare Pettinger

"Call me a nutrition expert if you will, but I am foodie through and through! I breathe food…in all its delectable, historical, political, socio-cultural glory!  So bring me to the table and let’s share those peppered and convivial food conversations.  I have a deep intrigue into how food can make us happy, sad, thin, fat, shamed, coerced (the list goes on)… and how our food system has shaped our collective identity, bringing abundance yet hunger to our society….bon bon appetite!"

Clare is an innovative educator who likes to engage students in dialogues about the future of food/nutrition and how they can be more active advocates for healthy and sustainable diets/food systems. She frequently acts as an advocate for her professions by exchanging knowledge and offering expert consultancy on sustainable healthy eating and food related issues to local/regional networks. She has also been involved in promoting environmentally sustainable diets for nutrition professionals (working with British Dietetic Association) as well as sitting on the editorial committee for Urban Food Futures (online science magazine) and the advisory board of the Food Research Collaboration

Clare is actively engaged in community research around food, poverty and social justice, currently leading the 'Food as a Lifestyle Motivator' (FLM) project, which explores creative methods to engage 'marginalized' communities in food activities to enhance their health, well-being and life skills. She is an active member of the Food Plymouth partnership, and lead on the Food Equality (poverty) aspect of their action plan