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Dartmoor Shepherd

We are the only Shepherds in the world to farm all three of Dartmoor’s native longwool sheep. Now sadly all rare breeds, our sheep were bred for a time when wool was profitable and lambs were given the time they needed to mature and grow naturally. Unfortunately in our fast paced food industry, lambs are fed concentrated foods to fatten quickly and it generally costs more to shear a sheep than the fleece itself is worth.

For as long as he can remember Lewis always wanted to be a farmer, however, not coming from a farming background this proved a challenge especially with no family farm to fall back on and rented land in short supply. As a reward for doing well in his GCSE's Lewis was given 3 Greyface Dartmoor ewes by his parents which he kept on their smallholding of 13 acres. Lewis pursued his dream by studying and attaining a degree at The Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester whilst building up his flock of rare breed Dartmoor sheep back home in Devon.

Flora grew up in the heart of Dartmoor in Chagford and developed a flare for media during secondary school which she pursued by attaining a degree in Creative Media Practice at Bath Spa University. Whilst studying, Flora made frequent trips home to Dartmoor where she slowly began to learn the ancient profession of shepherding by helping Lewis with his expanding flocks. Having met in a small café in Chagford aged 16 and then attending different Universities, Lewis and Flora were keen to return home together on the completion of their degrees to create a local, sustainable and high quality farm company, and so The Dartmoor Shepherd came into being.

As their flocks expanded they needed to start renting more and more land around Dartmoor. Currently owning no land of their own and supporting 500 sheep is proving a real challenge! Having not come into farming the traditional way they have had to approach it completely differently. Instead of selling their lamb to a market they to sell direct to the public, being passionate about eating local, ethical food they wanted to connect people with the origin of their food again, by allowing them to buy direct from the shepherd! 

The Dartmoor Shepherd is on a mission to revive our beautiful, ancient breeds and are passionate about farming flocks in an ethical and sustainable way. The sheep roam the rugged hills of Dartmoor and lambs enjoy up to double the lifespan of commercial sheep. Their Dartmoor sheepskins are completely unique: shaggy, thick and heavy; qualities that are never seen in modern breeds. Traditionally used by the Royal Household Cavalry under their saddles, the three Dartmoor breeds were chosen because of their extreme durability and luxurious quality.